Photographer Jenn Sutton

Traveling the world and surfing with my four children and wonderful husband have made me realize how each moment with family and friends is a precious gift! From catching the perfect wave, to making pancakes on Sunday morning, the closeness of family and the unique personality of each of my children, has taught me to find that special something in everyone and bring that to life in my photography! Each personalized photo session gives me that same ability to capture your individual beauty, personality and style.

My customers are well prepared for their photography session; my goal is that you will feel prepared, welcomed, and relaxed for your sessions. Each detail is particularly cared for, from my exclusive locations, to consultations on clothing, posing, and the ability to capture photos that will let your natural beauty and light shine from within! After all, you aren’t just my client, you become my friend and a part of the family! read more


Family Photography by Simply Sage

Kristin and I had recently seen one another again after several years had passed in a business meeting! When I walked into the room and saw Kristin, my heart lifted I hadn't seen her in years, she was  read more